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Puzzling & Mental Illness Read More
Puzzling & Mental Illness

In the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week NZ (23rd September – 29th September) we think this is a wonderful opportunity to share our thoughts on Puzzling with Mental Illness.

Knowing how good a ...

Puzzling Your Self Health 2 Read More
Puzzling Your Self Health 2

We’re halfway through this series and although we already knew how good puzzling is; we love that we get to share the great news with you! Puzzling is fun to do; it has health benefits beyond puzzling...

Puzzling Your Self Health 1 Read More
Puzzling Your Self Health 1

Since our introduction to this topic last month, we’ve had a lot of fun reading up & sharing fascinating facts about puzzling and its benefits. We’ve shared that puzzling encourages the production of ...

Puzzling Calm Read More
Puzzling Calm

Just as puzzling has evolved over the last 80 years, so too have the benefits. Both challenging and calming, it is proven that jigsaw puzzles can have a profound effect on our emotional state and well...

Puzzling & Our Wellbeing - Introduction Read More
Puzzling & Our Wellbeing - Introduction

Puzzling has evolved over the last 80 years and nowadays there is a puzzle for everyone to enjoy as individuals or with friends and families. Puzzling is not age defined – you can be 4 to 94 years old...