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Sylvanian Families - Village

A Timeless And Classic Toy Range

Sylvanian Families is a collectable range of cute animal family characters featuring parents, children and babies. Beautifully detailed homes, furniture and accessories over a number of themes complete the Sylvanian Village adventure.

Promoting wholesome family values, imagination and creativity to countless children all over the world, Sylvanian Families provides a unique blend of traditional play, overall feel-good appeal and memorable characters.

Everyday is a new adventure with this wholesome, unique and loveable range set in the idyllic and wonderful land of Sylvania.

Proudly distributed in New Zealand by Holdson.

An ideal starter home for your Sylvanian Families!


What better place could there be to play than a secret island playhouse!

Every Sylvanian child's dream, this seaside hideaway is an idyllic place to have all manners of adventures.

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