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Puzzling Your Self Health 1

Puzzling Your Self Health 1

Since our introduction to this topic last month, we’ve had a lot of fun reading up & sharing fascinating facts about puzzling and its benefits. We’ve shared that puzzling encourages the production of dopamine and in the short-term can relieve stress – but do you know what can happen if you keep puzzling?

Apart from the obvious benefit of having an amazing collection, it is proven that over time puzzling improves;

  Your hand eye co-ordination; because you must figure out and see where each piece fits.

This helps us to coordinate and control our bodies as we reach out and pick up objects.

  Your ability to problem-solve; because of your hand eye co-ordination, you can fit the pieces in their place easier. 

This helps us to identify and define a problem, process possible solutions and use the best solution.

   Your attention to detail; because you get better at recognising shape, form and colour and as you see the image to be completed on the box, you can see how each piece fits together better.

This ability helps us to complete tasks thoroughly with accuracy.

   Your visual spatial reasoning is heightened; because of your hand eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills, the ability to estimate distance and measurement, move around the puzzle and understand and fit the pieces quicker.

This is critical to daily activities like driving, reading a map or even practising dance moves!

Studies show that people who do jigsaw puzzles have longer life spans. Puzzling stimulates the brain and wards off the plaque that is the marker for Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss or dementia, which we will cover in more detail in a later blog.

Doing a puzzle is good for your mind, body and spirit. Make time at work or at home with friends and family; simply enjoy some “me time” to puzzle yourself healthy with a Holdson puzzle.  

Happy Puzzling Mindfulness from the Holdson Team

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