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Puzzling & Our Wellbeing - Introduction

Puzzling & Our Wellbeing - Introduction

Puzzling has evolved over the last 80 years and nowadays there is a puzzle for everyone to enjoy as individuals or with friends and families. Puzzling is not age defined – you can be 4 to 94 years old and still enjoy the thrill of placing that final piece of the puzzle! Puzzles captivate us, but at the same time they taunt us with a new challenge.  

In today’s modern and busy world, we’re reminded daily of the importance of wellbeing and trying to relax! We all strive to be fit & active and eat well but what about our mental wellbeing?  The great news is that puzzling ticks important boxes when it comes to improving our mental wellbeing. 

Join us in the coming months as we blog fortnightly and share to our fb page our take on Puzzling & Mental Wellbeing. Our next blog will cover Puzzling Calm followed by Puzzling Your Self Health, Puzzling Get-Togethers and Puzzling Wellness. Along the way we will share some really interesting facts about puzzling and mental health….

Did you know doing jigsaw puzzles helps the brain produce dopamine?  Why is this important … because dopamine assists in our ability to concentrate, be optimistic, have confidence, improved memory and motor skills! Who knew all that goodness was wrapped up in a box of puzzle pieces!

We will also have some fun interviews, statistics AND at least one of our staff will be taking a puzzle home a week (important to note they have not done puzzles since they were a teenager!). We look forward to sharing their experience with you in the last blog of this hot topic at the end of September.  

We invite you to take part in this journey and share your puzzling stories, photos and comments with us at If your email is shared in our blog, you will win a Holdson jigsaw puzzle!

Happy Puzzling Mindfulness from the Holdson Team

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