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Puzzling Calm

Puzzling Calm

Just as puzzling has evolved over the last 80 years, so too have the benefits. Both challenging and calming, it is proven that jigsaw puzzles can have a profound effect on our emotional state and well being.

After a busy day of family, work and everything in-between, settling down to rest or sleep can be a challange in itself! In this moment or any other time where we feel emotionally exhauseted doing a jigsaw puzzle is a proven stress relief. You may find this hard to believe; but having to focus on one thing, either sorting the pieces or fitting a piece into place relieves stress on the frontal lobe of the brain that occurs when multi-tasking and often lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. When we do jigsaw puzzles, our brain goes from a "Beta", or alert state to an "Alpha", or dreamy state. In this state we have better memory and recall and because we are calmer, we are more focused and able to make better decisions like where the next piece goes!

Having a puzzle on the go is not only a wonderful way to relax the mind but it also keeps the hands busy. The temptation to check emails, social media and game excessively can be reduced which in the long run is a great thing for the mind, body and eyes.

Here's a thought for ny workplace; doing a jigsaw puzzle is proven to build collaboration between co-workers. Working together to sovle the jigsaw puzzle improves relationships & co-operation to finish the task. It also lets employees take their minds off work for ten minutes or so & come back refreshed and ready to go - we'll touch on this in more detail in a upcoming blog.

So, whether you've got a collection of jigsaw puzzles hidden away or are looking for a cost-effective activity, jigsaw puzzles are an entertaining way to exercise the mind and support mental health. 

Give a Holdson puzzle a try; have fun piecing together a better outlook on life.

Happy Puzzling & Mindfulness from the Holdson Team

P.S: Share your puzzling stories, photos and comments with us at If your email is shared in our blog, you will win a Holdson jigsaw puzzle!

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