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Missing Pieces

Occasionally jigsaw pieces go astray. Perhaps the dog ate it? It’s languishing down the back of the sofa? Or, it’s just zipped off to the same mysterious realm as odd socks, pens and USBs…anyway, we know how frustrating it can be to discover that you are missing a piece at the end of working on a puzzle. Unfortunately due to our manufacturing process we are unable to provide single piece replacements. 

In the event that the missing piece is from our current range of puzzles and in stock, we will move mountains to try and replace your puzzle so you can stand back and smugly marvel at your achievement the way we intended. Simply email with the following details (copy & paste the below to the body of your email to us): 

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address:





Order Number (If Applicable)

Puzzle Series title/ Stock Code(5 digit number can be found under barcode):

Where did you purchase your jigsaw from?:

Date of Purchase/ received (If gifted):

Additional Information:

Please ensure that your request is accompanied by an in focus, well lit, close-up photograph of missing piece area and also one including the border. Without these, we are unable to help. In the event we are able to replace your puzzle, please be aware that there may be a small charge. 

Please note we can only send replacement pieces for games and puzzles that are currently in production. For a discontinued item, there is no gaurantee we will have the part or piece that you need, however if you email us your query, we will do our best to help you.


*Games and puzzles purhased secondhand are not covered in our replacement policy*


The Holdson Team