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Make It Real Juicy Couture - Fruit Obsessions Bracelets

Brand: MakeItReal
$27.49 excl tax
Young artists can explore jewellery making with this Juicy Couture Fruit Obsessions Bracelets Kit.

Vibrant fruit charms make this Juicy Couture bracelet kit extra sweet! Mini makers explore colour, pattern and texture to develop creative skills and express themselves through the art of jewellery making. Contains everything you need to make 10 fruit bracelets: 6 Juicy Couture charms, 40+ metallic pieces, 350+ various beads, Cotton thread, Nylon thread, Clear thread, Bangle, Chain, Instructions, Age 8+ years Make It Real and bring the world of creativity to life! Download the free app for a broader experience! Create, Dream, Share... Repeat!

SKU: 14403
Barcode: 695929044039
Carton Quantity: 6
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