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In Loving Memory

It is with deep sadness that I have to advise that Simon Holdsworth passed away early hours of Saturday morning (14.11.2020).  For many this news will come as a terrible shock. 

Our love and thoughts are with Florence, Victoria, Tim and their families at this time.

The man many of you knew with a huge personality and persona was also a very private man especially in regards to his health and wellbeing.  

By way of background,  Simon battled an “annus horribilis” during 2020.  His final health blow was related to an advanced case of Septicemia which took a major toll on his organs, most specifically his heart.  In the end, it was this damage that was too great from which to recover.

Many of our staff have worked alongside Simon for more than 20 years.  Words like mentor, great boss, good friend, awesome storyteller, gregarious, quick witted, dynamic, proud, demanding, knowledgeable and tireless are just some of their comments.  He is, and always will be our champion and we love him to Pieces! Our legacy for Simon is to keep the company running smoothly and exemplify the excellence that he demanded from us each and every day.    

There will be many memories, and no doubt a number of stories from your time spent with Simon, perhaps encouraged by his favourite tipple of a G&T or a wee glass of Grand Marnier!  In the coming weeks, I hope that where possible you get the chance to remember the good times and raise a glass in his honour.  

Kind regards

Fleur Tisdale


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