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Holdson Puzzle - Wild Heart & Soul, 1000pc (Blanc)

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8yrs & up


Artist Sophie Wilkins has been passionate about drawing since a young age and is now an artist active on the Montreal and International art scene. Dedicated to the arts since 2003, Sophie uses mediums such as acrylic, oil and charcoal powder for her paintings, street art, custom paintings for movie sets and illustrations. Sophie’s art portrays the parallel universe that dances in her head and her awareness of life. A whimsical universe where humans and animals come together, merge to form a certain balance and achieve unity. Peaceful warriors populate Sophie's works and remind is that everyone is the master of their own destiny. Sophie characterises herself mainly by her attention to detail and her metaphorical vision of the subject. Wild Heart & Soul features four mesmorising titles: Blanc, Oasis, Sur La Liste Rouge and Vision Nocturne. Made in New Zealand by Holdson using vegetable based inks and recyclable materials. Suitable for ages 8yrs+. Approximate puzzle box size: 270 x 370mm.  Approximate puzzle size: 493mm x 688mm.

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