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Holdson Puzzle - Wasgij Back To …? 2 1000pc (A 14th Century Castle)

£15.48 incl tax

Use your imagination, and the clues provided on the box to piece together how this Holdson Wasgij Back To ...? 2 1000pc puzzle scene would have looked in times gone by. This 14th Century Castle has been restored into a modern day tourist attraction, which is full of hilarious visitors taking selfies, tripping over and arguing with each other - but how similar could this be to back in the 14th Century? The puzzle holds the answer! The picture on the box lid is not the puzzle; it is simply a clue to what the puzzle is! Age 8+ years. Made in New Zealand by Holdson. Approximate puzzle dimensions: 688mm x 493mm. Box size: 270mm x 370mm.

SKU: 09876
Barcode: 9414131098767
Carton Quantity: 8
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