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Holdson Puzzle - Wasgij Retro Mystery 4, 500XL pc (Live Entertainment)

$29.99 incl tax
8yrs & up


Wasgij Retro Mystery 4: "Live Entertainment?" is the title of this fantastic Wasgij Mystery 500 XL piece jigsaw puzzle. As the night wears on and the food dished up to the hungry customers they realise the sign promised "Live Entertainmen?" and ask the waitress what the act will be at in this quiet crabbiemor guest house. But what surprise doe's she have lined up to get these folks hooting and crying out for an encore? Wasgij Mystery is the "what happens next?" puzzle concept where you have to use your imagination to piece together what will happen next to the characters in the image printed on the box. Approximate puzzle size 688x493mm. Manufactured in New Zealand by Holdson. Suitable for ages 8+ years.

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