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At Globe Publishing it is our philosophy that “playing is learning“ which means that children never “just” play. By interacting with others and by playing alone, children expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them. And no matter if they are doing a puzzle, building a tower of blocks, playing a board game, reading a book or drawing a picture they are constantly evolving important skills, such as fine motor skills, social skills, artistic skills, language skills and maths skills. Children simply can’t stop learning while they play – they explore, experiment, analyze, have new experiences and master disciplines all the time. With our philosophy in mind, we have created a unique way of developing our products. At the core of the process is the GLOBE•LearningCircleTM, which keeps the child’s progress, curiosity, and complete learning needs in mind. It consists of eight different skills, that all facilitate optimal learning for the child. Some of our products include all the skills while others focus on one specific skill. The GLOBE•LearningCircle™ is a unique tool that helps us make product lines that cover all skills and helps parents and caretakers chose a product not only by topic but also by skill. However, learning is dynamic, and once the child starts playing with our products not only will the core skill automatically get a boost but other skills too. If the child reads a book with an adult, it will not only strengthen their language skills and knowledge of the topic, but it will also stimulate their social skills thanks to the interactive designs with questions and lots to discover and discuss. If the child then starts playing with the included accessories, they will improve their fine-motor skills, observation skills, and spark early imaginary role-play. Child development is a continuous process, and there is no such thing as a “typical” child. Therefore, our products offer more than a book does by providing the child with several learning methods and greater play value. Whether it be a puzzle, wooden toys, cardboard figures, tactile elements, questions, or activities they are all there to serve a purpose and make the child play, think, learn, and develop in the best way they can. Let the fun begin! 

With the Learning Trains, we have aspired to create a fun and interactive way of learning the basics of the alphabet and the numbers. We hope to encourage a strong dialogue between parent and child by exploring important subjects for the young learner and providing an extra tool through the play element to encourage early learning. 



The concept of the series is to provide a meaningful playing and learning experience for the child aged 3-5 years old and that this will only grow as they expand their village and gain more knowledge. The idea behind the kits is that the child will be able to grow up with the product. To begin with, an adult can read aloud from from the book in order to explain the photos and content. Later on, young readers can look through the pages themselves and begin to understand the writing. The books are also full of pictures, as it is important to understand how things look in the real world.