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Anything is possible

Playmobil is about endless story possibilities, figures with which your children could re-enact everything they experience for hours on end.  The only rules are the ones they create.

Always think about two eyes and a smile which represents the iconic Playmobil-figure.  You can put any adventure behind this expression, slip into many different roles and create attractive play themes.  Kids can process everyday experiences, wishes, joys and fears in constantly changing stories right there on the carpet.

Fearless fire fighters, balancing equestrian riders, a pirate ship sailing to Treasure Island, a spaceman on his way to the moon.  Be part of these incredible journeys...

Imagination Takes Your Places


It's no ordinary day at the Crow's Nest, the old quayside bar.  Suddenly, a swashbuckling Pirate crew shows up and steals the treasure map hidden at the bar!  And so, kitchen boy Peter unexpectedly finds himself on a Pirate Ship sailing off to an adventurous treasure hunt...


Playmobil is full of magic that you can't miss. Through the power of play, venture into undiscovered worlds with your favourite toys! Join in these fantastic adventures and become part of the Playmobil stories.

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