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In 2014 Avenir was officially registered in Germany, the team put out a long term and globalized brand idea: Be Creative,Be Unique. (Means every kid is outstanding and creative, also unique). Based on this philosophy of our brand, every of our product is essentially different with any other toys in the market. Avenir rejects to limit the ways how children operate their toys, instead it provides an artistic toy to let children try and discover, also create in different train of thoughts and ways. In this way they can keep a curious and creative mind forever; only in this process of “creating” art & craft toys, children can get to know themselves, express themselves.


These gorgeous coloured crayons are perfect for children aged 3 years+. Choose from 12  fast drying, washable, super smooth glide colours in each beautifully themed cylinder. 6 fun cylinders to collect (Fox, Lion, Polar Bear, Unicorn, Toucan and Bunny)


The Create Your Own Light Box kit includes everything needed to make a gorgeous light box display for your room. Create Your Own Light Box uses the technology of Scratch Art -it's Scratch Art on clear PE material that lights can glow through after the ink has been scratched out. Suitable for 6years+.