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3D Puzzle - The Capitol Hill

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It is one of the oldest residential communities in Washington, and with roughly 35,000 people in just under two square miles, it is also on of the most densely populated. The Capitol Hill neighbourhood today straddles two quadrants of the city, Southeast and Northeast, and a large portion is now designated as the Capitol Hill historic district. The name Capitol Hill is often used to refer to both the historic district and to the larger neighbourhood around it. The United States Capitol Hill is among the most symbolically important and architecturally impressive buildings in the nation. It is both literally and figuratively the centre of the city. This 3D Puzzle is made of paper and expandable polystyrene foam board, it is easy to assemble without the use of any other tools or glue. No of Pieces: 132. Model Size: 52.5cm x 23.5cm x 20cm. Age: 8+ years.

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