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Holdson manufactures jigsaw puzzles and board games on an OEM basis for some of the world's best known brands.We work to build enduring domestic and international relationships with licensors, distributors, retailers and consumers that support the products we make and the brands we proudly represent.

We know what overseas markets expect of us. We thrive in an environment where EXCEEDING THE EXPECTATIONS of our customers is the norm, prioritising our overseas customers’ orders by:

  • Aiming to turn around orders in the shortest possible time – speedy orders are our speciality, always striving to deliver ahead of schedule
  • Providing smaller runs  – we are a great company to trial new product ideas, as we can do smaller volumes
  • Offering exclusivity on some designs
  • Personalising to a degree - including using your own branding or placing your own catalogue in boxes
  • Being ready and responsive to change

If you would like to further discuss OEM possibilities, please contact me via email.


Paul Yates: OEM Enquiries/ Possibilites: Fleur@holdson.co.nz

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