Holdson have been manufactors, distributors and exporters of beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle Collections for 75 years. We are importers and distributors of some of the world's leading toy brands including Sylvanian Families, Playmobil, Airfix and Professor Puzzle.
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            HOLDSON BRANDS                           LEISURE BRANDS

Logos JigsawPuzzles Logos Games   Logos OutdoorLeisure LowRes2 Logos Wow LowRes2
Logos SylvnFam LowRes2
Playmobil Logo1(copy)
  Logos MBNF Plush2(copy) Logos TattyTeddy
Logos ChggWdn ProfessorPuzzle Logo BlackOnWhite-489   Logos Slimy LowRes2(copy) Logos Renart LowRes2
Corgi Toys Logo
Logos DinosaurTrain LowRes2   Logos Whipple LowRes2 Logos BeadBazaar
Welly Logo
Airfix - NEW 2009 (1) HI RES-400   Logos Plasticine LowRes2 Logos 4MCraft LowRes2
      Logos 4MScience LowRes2 JewelBeads(copy)
  iMC Toys(copy)(copy)

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